Invite Your Customers to Follow You Using Email

Keeping in contact with your customers is the key to bringing them back again and again. Invite them to follow you using our Follow Me Email program.

Keep Your Customers Following You

The best way to get your customers to come back to your business is to keep in touch with them using a variety of online methods. Along with our social media QR code program that lets your customers follow you using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, we have another way for your customers to follow you, using email marketing. Our program is so simple to use, and can be integrated into your social media QR code page, or your existing website.

Once you sign up, you will be able to access our easy-to use email campaign builder tool that will let you create simple CAN-SPAM-compliant email campaigns without a learning curve. You can build your customer list using our available tools, then simply send them a “Follow Me” email message with the push of a button. Simply click on the “How to Sign Up” button to learn more and to get started. 

Here Are Your Follow Me Email Tools

Overview & Instructions

In this section, you will learn about how our email marketing program works, and what you need to do to start building your email list and campaigns. This is the only page where you do not need to be logged in to view.

Select Your Social Media Links

At the bottom of each email message will be a set of social media icons that will take your subscribers to each of your social media sites. On this page you will set up your account links.

View & Delete Subscribers

On this page you can view your list of email subscribers (first name and email address), and delete anyone you don’t want on your list. Note that each email message contains an “Unsubscribe” link.

Get Email Capture Form

On this page you will be able to copy the code you need to capture the first name and email address of your subscribers.  You will also see an example of the email privacy policy you should display on your site.

Create New Campaign

On this page you will be able to create a new email campaign, and have it stored in our database. When you create a campaign, you can then preview it, send yourself a test email, or send it to your subscriber list.

Modify or Delete Existing Campaigns

On this page you will be able to see a list of all of your campaign names, then be able to select one to edit or delete. Once you edit a campaign, you can then resend it to your list.

We will find negative business ratings and reviews, years-old news articles, questionable content, and other unwanted content or images you may have not known was even uploaded to the internet, then help you get it removed before a lender finds it.

We can assess your website, or help you build out a new site, complete with tools such as forms, email marketing, Google Map, social media integration, SEO, Privacy Policy, and more. We can also add an ecommerce package, letting you sell and cross-sell/upsell your products online.

For those of you who have money invested in retirement plans such as an IRA or 401(k), there are two options for you to get access to your money to invest in your business, with no IRS penalties, no income taxes, and no additional risk. We will help you get the right program for you set up.

We can set up both a Facebook Business Page and a LinkedIn Business Page for you, and show you how to both generate new followers for free, and advertise your business on both platforms. If you have a WordPress site, we will also add links to your new social media sites.

social media traffic generator

If you want online or in-person customer traffic, we have a program that will expose your business to hundreds or thousands of potential customers on Facebook with NO monthly costs. You can also earn additional ad revenue once you implement this program.

Looking for a great way to build your business credit? Our Deals & Steals is a collection of more than a dozen sites where you can get access to buy dirt-cheap digital products plus free top-notch digital products and services, all for a fee of $59, payable on terms.

If you have a website built on WordPress, you will be able to create a professional looking site by using any of the pro-level themes and site design tools in this package, along with a few hundred of the best plugins available, including premium versions. Download any or all of our 400+ files.

social media traffic generator

Become an expert in online and social media marketing by reading and watching this collection of two dozen ebooks and video training on tips, tricks and best practices to increase your profits from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, forums, email and other online sources.

If you need a logo created for your website, flyers, brochures or your business in general, or have any digital products (ebook, videos, software, audio, graphics, etc.) that you need to showcase with a graphics cover, package or box, one of our graphic designers can do this for you. 

We will take the stress out of setting up a compliant email marketing platform so that you can start collecting subscriber names and email addresses, then be able to send them both an automated welcome series of emails, and/or regular marketing messages. We will set up your account, configure your mail server, and create a subscriber form. 

More than half of searches for local businesses are done by voice using smart devices. If your business is not properly registered with the main sites, you are missing out of a significant customer rush. We will connect you with these platforms: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Cortana, Android Auto, CarPlay, Waze, and Bing Maps.

What are you doing to get your customers to come back? What if you could offer them a reward for coming back a certain number of times. Our unique program lets you do just that. Using a tablet kiosk on your counter, customers can register for the program using a QR code, and then enter their phone number each time they come back.

Start Building Business Trade Credit

If you do not have an established business credit profile, you may be paying too high a rate for any form of business credit. Opening an account with Tier One Business Services lets you start building your trade credit profile. The services listed above will give your business starter credit that let you pay for the services with a partial down payment and then the balance due in either in 30 days, or over an installment term period up to 90 days. You can then use Tier One Business Services as a trade reference on all other credit applications.

What is Your Business Credit Belt Color?

How close are you to earning your black belt in martial arts of business credit? To help you find your current belt color, and what you need to do to become a business credit master, check out our Business Credit Martial Arts Checklist. It lists the 33 steps you need to take to earn your black belt, starting with your white belt and then progressing through the color levels. This checklist covers all aspects of business credit, including making your business appear legitimate to lenders, obtaining trade credit, revolving credit, credit scores, business credit monitoring and more. Learn how to get business credit tied to your EIN, and with no personal guarantee. We will send your Checklist to your email address when you Apply for Credit.

Accept Credit Cards with NO Discount Fees!

One of the major expenses of most businesses that take credit cards is the discount fee that the processor takes. This fee can sometimes exceed 3% of your gross sales. What if you could automatically pass on this fee to your customers? Well, you can, using our Cash Discount Program. With this program, your posted/listed prices are your “cash discount” prices. Any credit card purchase would be the regular “retail” price. For every $5,000 of monthly sales, you can save $150. We work with a couple of different processors that provide this service, where your business is fully compliant with any state regulations. Give us a call so that we can evaluate your business needs and review with you how this service works.

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