Service Vendors Wanted

If you provide any services beneficial to small and start-up businesses, consider becoming a service vendor for Tier One Business Services. As a vendor, we will feature your business service on our site, and include it in our Business Credit Toolkit that we distribute free of charge to businesses looking to get credit in the name of our business.

As a service vendor, when a customer purchases your service, you will be notified and will provide the service. We will work with you to determine a payout percentage and how your fee is paid out to you as your customer makes their net terms payments to us. Remember, you must be willing to offer 30 to 60 day terms to our customers, so that we can we can use their payment history to build their business credit report.

As a Vendor, you will also be registered as an Affiliate, meaning if you promote our services to your customer, you will earn the affiliate commission on the sale of any of our products made by customers who come to our site from your affiliate link. If your company has a sales team, they can be registered as affiliates under your company, where your company becomes a sponsor, earning overrides on sales that originate from your sales team’s affiliate links.

To learn more, and to discuss how your product or service can benefit our customers, give us a call or contact us for a consultation.

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