Come Back Again Rewards Program

The Benefits of This Service

The hardest part about marketing your business is figuring out how to get your customers to come back on a regular basis. The most profitable customers are those who make repeat purchases. So, how do you get them to come back? What if you can offer them something free if they come in a certain number of times? The odds are highly likely that they will make one or more purchases from your place of business over these visits.

This is what our Come Back Again Rewards program is all about (still in development, see below). You will be able to reward your customers by being able to track their visits using an inexpensive tablet that you put on a stand at your counter. A customer registers for this program simply by scanning a QR registration code that we provide you. They then fill out some additional information using their phone, and they become registered in our system. Each time they come back to your place of business, they can simply enter their phone number on a form on the tablet display, and they get credit for a “come back” visit. There would not be any purchase necessary, bun in reality, people are not coming back into your place of business just to enter a phone number. They are most likely going to make a purchase. After a pre-determined number of visits to your place, you give them a free reward.

So, what should you offer as a reward? This is strictly up to you. It can be a free menu item, a free premium drink, a free haircut, or anything else you can think of. You can offer a special discount such as “50% off any item up to $100”, or “$20 Discount on any item over $40”. You can have an “offer ends” date displayed on your form. We do not track any offer redemptions (not yet anyway). The goal of this program is to be able to get customers to come back to your place of business.

To help with this, we will send out a weekly reminder email to your registered customers as to the number of come back visits they have, and when their promotional offer ends. You can also provide any additional promotional information you wish in the form of a marketing message that you can change whenever you want by logging into your account. You can announce a sale, a special offer, or to introduce new products or services. The weekly email will also include the following:

  • Links to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Link to your Google Reviews site, with an ask to review your business. Remember, this will significantly boost your local search results rankings!

Our program will provide you with a fully automated way to reach your customers on a regular basis, and encourage them to come back to earn their reward.

What We Will Do for You

For an initial fee listed above, spread out over a 90-day payment term, we will set you up in our Come Back Again Rewards program. You will also need any inexpensive tablet (you can get an Android tablet for about $80), and perhaps a stand for it. Once you are set up, you will be able to do the following:

  • Set up your free offer
  • Determine how many visits are needed to qualify
  • Set an expiration date
  • Create an optional promotional message of up to 1024 characters
  • Create a scannable QR code 
  • Create a “kiosk” screen for your customers to register and check in using their phone number Click to see example screen. This will open up in  a new tab. Note that the form design is not finalized, but the QR code does work!

A customer can register as a subscriber by scanning the QR code from the screen, then filling out a short registration form using their phone. Once registered, each time they come to your business (no more than once per day), they can enter their phone number on the tablet screen, and they will be credited with a “come back” visit. They will receive a confirmation email and if they wish, a confirmation text message. The email will be fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM act, meaning they can opt out by clicking on a link in the email. The email will contain the name of your business, the business address and phone number. If you provide the link to your Facebook page, we will include that in each email as well.

Once a week, our system will send out a reminder email to your subscribers, reminding them how many come back visits they have, and how many more they need to get their reward. Any promotional message you have set up will also be in the email, along with links to your social media pages and a reminder to review your business.

Since this program is still not finalized, we are not ready to sign up anyone yet, so the Terms link and Purchase Order are not working yet. If you are interested in seeing us develop the program, contact us and let us know! If you are on our newsletter list, you will be one of the first to know about it. Future enhancements will include some detailed analytics regarding what percentage of subscribers complete all their visits, and what percentage stop at different times. 

Note that you will have full access to this program for a year. Initial payment terms are likely to be $65 down, then three payments of $60 each. If you wish to continue after that, you will be able to for only $25 per month.

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