Online Reputation Analysis

The Benefits of This Service

Your business is only as good as your reputation. This includes both your business and personal reputation. If you are looking for funding, you need to make sure that you do not have a bad or negative reputation, or your chance of getting business funding goes way down. Many lenders will look to do a search about you and your business using a variety of online methods that can be way too involved for the average person to do. If they find any objectionable content, or a high negative index (ratio of positive to negative reviews or mentions), they may decline your funding application as your business may appear as too risky to ensure payback of loans or advances.

Negative reviews can also negatively impact your Google search result placement, making it harder for your business to be found online. Reviews are seen as trust signals. Good reviews mean your brand is more trusted, and more likely to meet the satisfaction of Google users. Bad reviews mean just the opposite, and your site is less likely to show up when someone does a search for what it is you sell.

What We Will Do for You

To help you improve both your online reputation and that of your business, our Online Reputation Analysis service will do the following:

  • Conduct an extensive search across multiple search engines, looking for mentions of your name, business name and phone number. We use a variety of methods that some law firms use when looking for any defamatory information about their clients.
  • Conduct a full search on review sites such as Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, BBB, complaint and rip off sites,  and others that you may not even be aware of.
  • Provide you with a list of links to material you may want to investigate and have either corrected or removed
  • Conduct an analysis of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) over the past two years. We will identify potentially inappropriate or harmful posts. These posts will be flagged and any posts you want deleted will be removed.
  • Check for social media mentions about you and your business.
  • Provide you with recommendations on how to create a positive sentiment for your business that will bring you more site visits and calls than you can get even with paid search.
  • We will also set you up with a free reputation monitoring service so that you will be notified of any future potential mentions of your name and business.
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