Monetize Your Social Media Group or Business Page

The Benefits of Our Program

Congratulations on having a successful Facebook or LinkedIn group. How would you like another way to monetize your group and/or page in a way that also benefits its members or followers? Tier One Business Associates (TOBS) has a free Affiliate program that pays you a 15% commission on all sales made by anyone who applies for credit using their EIN from your affiliate link. You also earn a 5% override on sales from any new affiliate who signs up under you.

As a Tier One vendor, we provide easy credit access to about two dozen business services. We also provide a business credit report to any other vendor your customers apply to. Our goal is to help your members get credit using their EIN from other trade vendors and financial lenders.

Unlike some of the business credit services companies that charge upwards of $4,000 or more for a suite of services, many of which they do not need, TOBS offers an individual approach to providing whatever business services your particular members need, on payment terms that can go out to 90 days. While we do require a down payment on all services, this amount is fairly small compared to the payment terms. Some services have 30-day terms, while others have 30/60 and 30/60/90 day payment terms. The more services your customers purchase, the larger their credit balance becomes, and as long as they are making their payments on time, they will clearly show other vendors and lenders that they are credit-worthy.

How You Will Profit as a TOBS Affiliate

As a TOBS Affiliate, we will help you generate sales by providing you with affiliate copies of our two key customer tools :

If you would like to check these out, you can right-click and save them to your laptop. Or, you can click on the links in the footer of this page to learn more about each tool. Once you become an affiliate, you will receive copies of each that have your Affiliate ID coded into the links. Once anyone clicks through, your Affiliate ID is stored in a cookie that lasts for a full year. Once they apply for credit, they are you customer for life. When you log in on our site, you will see a full report of customers, sales, earned and pending commissions, along with sales and override commissions by all of your sug-affiliates.

Once you have your Affiliate copes of these items, you can upload them into your media or files directory on your group. You can then talk about both of these, encouraging your members to download them and share them with others. You can also market these items to anyone you wish using some of the methods that we teach in our free Business Loan Broker Training kit.  

Additional Income Opportunities as a Business Loan Broker

If you want to earn broker commissions and overrides, you can become an Associate of one of our business lending brokers, letting you earn even more money by being the person your customers go to when they try to get business funding. For an example of the programs we have, visit Business Funding Associates. Note that our business loan broker program, including plenty of training and additional marketing materials, is 100% free to join, with no set up fee and no monthly fees. One of our lenders also has their own sub-agency program, letting you earn even more money as overrides from your sub-agents loan production. We don’t make a dime until you make a dollar! 

To learn more about our Business Loan Broker program, click to download our Business Loan Broker Training guide.

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