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Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

The hardest part about marketing your business is figuring out how to get your customers to come back on a regular basis. The most profitable customers are those who make repeat purchases. So, how do you get them to come back without spending a fortune on marketing tools? Simple. Use our two special online marketing tools that will cost you absolutely nothing to get started and are very simple to use. If you are using social media sites to build your brand and keep fresh content flowing, we will provide you with two simple tools to get your customers to your social media sites and website, and make it very easy for your customers to use this service. If you are not using sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest to promote your business, simply register to join our free Social Media QR Code program, and we will send you our ebook – How to Build Customer Traffic Using Social Media.

Scan a QR Code - Link to All of Your Social Media Sites - FREE

Imagine being able to let your customers be able to scan a QR code from a flyer, counter display or mini-poster using their mobile phone, and then be taken to all of your social media pages in an instant, including your website! Your customers will be able to follow your Facebook business page, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages, receive your tweets, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and sign up to receive promotional emails.  All from a mobile-responsive QR code landing page that you can customize with your business logo, business name, background image, and any or all of your social media links. This is a 100% FREE service. We will even provide you with some templates that you can use to promote your social media QR code.

How This Program Works

Simply use any QR code generator (we provide you with a list

Send Marketing Emails Using Our Follow-Me-Email Program

If you are currently not using any email marketing campaign tool, we invite you to start building a following by your customers using a very simple email marketing program we call “Follow Me Email”. Unlike other email marketing platforms, ours is very easy to use for the purpose of building an email list, creating promotional messages, and sending them to everyone on your list. With our program, there are no complicated set

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