How to Purchase

Ordering a service from Tier One Business Services (TOBS) is simple. Start off by filling out the short business credit application. To do so, you will need to have an EIN (Employer ID Number). You need this even if you do not have any employees. It is your business’s unique identity number. If you do not have an EIN, we can show you how to get one in minutes, at no cost.

In order to apply for credit, you will need proof of your EIN. This can be a scan of your IRS letter, or a scan of any bank statement heading that shows the name of your business and your EIN.

When you submit your application, we will do a screening based on your business name (and your name) to make sure you are not some sort of credit deadbeat or have other violations that would keep us from accepting you as a credit-based customer. We do not look at personal credit scores nor your credit background.

We typically approve applications in 24 hours. You will be notified by email of our decision. Once approved, your EIN will go into our database, and you can then purchase any of our services. On each service detail page, you will see a “View Terms” button. On the Terms page, you will see the down payment and net terms for that service. There are no interest charges. You would then simply fill out the order form for that service, and assuming that you are in our “system”, the order will be submitted. We will take a look at your order, then let you know if we need any additional information to complete the service. We will then charge your credit or debit card for the amount down, and complete your service.

Depending on the terms, your card will be billed for the additional payment amounts due either 30, 60 or 90 days later.

If you want to purchase more than one item, you would need to do this as separate purchase orders.

Any questions, just ask! We look forward to serving you as a customer and helping your business build credit in its own name using your EIN.

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