Get Tier One Business Credit

If you have a startup business, the hardest part about getting business credit is that your business does not have any business credit. A new business’s first steps to get business credit, separate from the owner’s personal credit and SSN, is to apply with what are known as Tier 1 or starter vendors. In our Business Credit Toolkit, you can get a list with links to more than two dozen Tier 1 vendors. 

We can also provide your business with immediate net-30 terms, and installment terms credit for a variety of business services. All that is needed is a business credit application with proof of having an IRS-issued Employer Identification Number (EIN). Once approved, you can purchase any of the available business services getting both delayed payment terms, and reporting to other vendors and credit providers, including merchant cash advance and small-ticket equipment leasing. Tier One Business Services can provide what is known as a TOBSPay report to any vendor that asks. In the future, Tier One Business Services is planning on getting set up to report to one or more of the major business credit reporting agencies, including Dun & Bradstreet.

Here are some of the business services that you can obtain while getting payment terms (and no personal guarantee):

  • Business Credit Consulting
  • Personal Credit Boost Program
  • Create a Winning Business Plan
  • Business Entity Creation & Registration
  • Business License & Permit Search
  • Business Website Assessment & Recommendations
  • Create a Social Media Presence 
  • Online Reputation Analysis
  • Social Media Customer Traffic Generator
  • Pay as You Go SMS (Text) Marketing Program
For more details, visit the Tier One Business Services site.
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