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The Benefits of This Service

Here is a great way to market your business to hundreds or thousands of potential customers for your local business without having to spend any marketing dollars. Facebook groups are used by over one billion people, but that isn’t the reason they’re so powerful and important. The reason is engagement. Facebook groups are more intimate, they are more personal, and they tend to attract only your die hard fans. Groups work differently from blogs and other forms of content marketing. They work differently from Facebook pages even! And that’s why they need a completely different approach. 

You will be the administrator of a community group. The purpose of the group will be to support businesses in your town. As the group administrator, you will be able to control who posts to the group, and be able to admit members. You can delegate others to be group moderators, who can make sure that the members of the group don’t violate any of the group’s rules (which we will create). People who follow specific groups tend to have new postings from their groups show up in their news feed, so every time you or other business owners post to the group, it will most likely show up in their followers’ news feeds.

Here is how you will benefit from this group. As an admin, you can reach out to other businesses (non-competing one, hopefully) and invite them to the group. Let them know that they will be able to benefit by being able to do the following:

  • Conducting live streams 
  • Set up online or in-person live events
  • Enabling special discounts only for those who know the special discount offer code
  • Early access to new product launches
  • Having group followers vote on new product options (colors, features, etc.)
  • Telling your community how they are benefitting some local organization
  • Sponsoring a fundraising activity for any local cause
  • Discussing important local events
  • Sharing information from your city/township group

Tell them that they will benefit by the group bringing them new followers and customers, letting them expand their reach at no cost. You should have no problem getting at least a dozen or more businesses on board in no time at all. Remember, they are not being charged for joining.

So, how does all of this benefit you? The exact same way, except that you are the administrator. You will benefit by having the followers of each business become YOUR followers as well, as they will see everything that you post about your business.Imagine expanding your organic (non-paid) reach by a factor of 10 or more! That is the power that running a successful multi-business Facebook will bring you. Followers of a business tend to patronize the business more than they do other similar businesses. You will attract customers to your business by posting cool, interesting content and images. You can do any and all of the promotional ideas mentioned above, and not have to worry about anyone approving them. You can also encourage other businesses’ followers to like and follow your own Facebook Business Page. The opportunities are endless. 

As an added bonus, we will show you how to monetize your group by getting ad revenue from other local businesses outside of your core group. Imagine getting dozens of $20-$30 deposits from local businesses who would like to get their “adverpost” on your group. Some group admins are making more than $1,000 per month in easy revenue.

What We Will Do for You

Under our Facebook Customer Traffic Generator service, we will do the following:

  • Create a local business group based on your favorite geographic designation (can be a township, city, city neighborhood, part of a county, etc.)
  • Handle all of the set-up activities required for the group
  • Assign you as an Administrator
  • Set up the profile picture and group logo image
  • Set up the rules for your group (to keep the group safe, and keep out spammers and unpaid advertisers)
  • Help you create some initial content 
  • Provide you with training on how to administrate your group
  • Provide you with instructions on how to monetize the group by getting paid to allow additional businesses to post on your group
  • Provide you with several Facebook-related training ebooks and videos that will help you get more value from your community group.

Bonus Facebook Marketing Mastery Ebooks & Videos

Your purchase of this service includes the following bonus training packages that will help you get the most value out your community group and out of Facebook in general. 

Facebook Marketing Unleashed

This training teaches you the best ways to promote on Facebook. It also gives you step by step instructions, so you can engage in Facebook marketing with a higher than average chance of success.

Topics covered:

  • Facebook Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid
  • Most Effective Ways to Market on Facebook
  • What is Facebook Page Marketing?
  • What is Facebook Group Marketing?
  • Influencer Page Outreach
  • Paid Page Boost Campaign
  • Paid Traffic Campaigns
  • Paid Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Facebook Pixel Retargeting Campaign
  • Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Free Facebook Traffic Strategies

Facebook is the third largest website in the world after Google and YouTube and it has billions of users that use it regularly. Now you can leverage the power of Facebook to drive free traffic to your website. With this ebook & video course you will learn the best free Facebook strategies.

Topics covered:

  • You will learn the best methods to use to get the most free traffic
  • You will learn what successful Facebook marketers do to drive free traffic
  • You will be able to engage with your audience
  • You will learn how to optimize your Facebook Page so that you get the maximum amount of free traffic
  • You will learn how video can bring you a lot of free Facebook traffic

Facebook Groups Unleashed

With this ebook & video course you’ll discover the secret sauce that makes a successful Facebook group versus an unsuccessful one, you’ll learn about entirely new ways to use groups and reach your audience, and you’ll be able to start seeing the results in days.

Topics covered:

  • 3 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group Fast
  • 5 Best Practices for Managing a Facebook Group
  • 5 Mistakes Facebook Group Owners Make
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Group
  • 5 Top Uses for Facebook Groups in Business
  • 7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Facebook Group
  • How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Group
  • Learn advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories
  • Learn to use your group to conduct market research that would be worth thousands!
  • Find out how to find and share content that is GUARANTEED to get a reaction from your audience and increase engagement
  • Discover amazing growth hacks that can help you to get hundreds of new members every SINGLE day
  • See how to generate buzz and excitement in your group and create a real sense of community and value for its members
  • See for yourself how success in your Facebook group can lead to success for your entire business
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