TOBSPay Credit Report

This report reflects purchases and payments made for products and services from Tier One Business Services (TOBS). Here is a description of some of the data in the report:

Number of Purchases: Each product/service offered by TOBS counts as a separate purchase. Each purchase requires a partial down payment, with payment of the balance due in either 30 days, or two/three partial payments of 60 and 90 days.

Total Late Payments: A payment is considered to be 30 days late if 30 or more days have passed since its due date. The same is true respectively for 60 day and 90 day late payments.

Total Missed Payments: A payment is considered to be “missed” if more that 30 days have passed since the payment due date and no payment has been made. If and when a missed payment is made, it changes to a late payment, and no longer a missed payment.

TOBSPay Score: This score is based on the sum of all payments made divided by a weighted average of on-time payments, late payments and missed payments. 60 day and 90 day late payments reduce the score more than does a 30 day late payment.  The maximum score is 100 (ex: three payments made, all on time = 100 * (3/3).

Payment Late Status: The number of times late for 30, 60 and 90 days is shown, along with the dollar amount that was behind. 

TOBSPay Report for EIN -
Business Name   
Street Address   
Suite / Building #   
City, State, Zip   , ,
Account Open Date   1-1-1970
First Purchase Date   1-1-1970
Last Purchase Date   1-1-1970
Number of Purchases   0
Last Payment Date   No payments made
Total Credit Extended   $0
Current Credit Balance   $0
Total Payments Made   0
Total On Time Payments   0
Total Late Payments   0
Total Missed Payments   0
TOBSPay Score   0 (Max = 100)
30 Days Late Status   0 times for $0
60 Days Late Status   0 times for $0
90 Days Late Status   0 times for $0
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