Business Plan Creation

The Benefits of This Service

A professional business plan is often your key to getting funding for your business. Lenders want to understand your business, know its strengths and weaknesses, confirm that you fully understand your business and are committed to its success. They also want to see the numbers, meaning realistic income, true expenses, cash flow and expected time to reach break-even.  Without a well-crafted business plan, you will find that your potential lender has moved on to another loan applicant.  While it is true that you can get a business plan from anyone, are theirs also helping you build your business credit? Ours does, as you can pay off the investment over 90 days.

The value of our business plan is that it will be based on accurate financial forecasting data, as provided by our free Business Finance Analyzer spreadsheet tool. Our Business Finance Analyzer is the only free tool that lets you forecast accurate sales for products and/or services, and makes sure that your forecast passes the “smell test” in terms of showing that you have the correct staffing forecast to achieve these results. Our Analyzer also covers more expense categories than any other tool, and lets you accurately forecast your labor costs. If you don’t have our Business Finance Analyzer, first check with your site affiliate (contact info in footer). If that does not work, then contact us.

What We Will Do for You

Our Business Plan service will consist of several parts:

  • Phone consultation to help you understand how to use our Business Finance Analyzer to create a business financial plan based on what it is that your business does
  • A review of your completed Analyzer spreadsheet to make sure it is sound and appears to be realistic
  • A phone interview where we will discuss the 40 topics that will be used to create your business plan
  • Back-office work where we take all of the information you provided to create your business plan
  • A review with you of your plan
  • One revision cycle based on any required changes
  • Deliver a complete version that you can use for any funding requests.

Here are the questions/topics that we will discuss with you to create your business plan:

  1. Executive Summary & Elevator Pitch
  2. Nature of the Need for Your Business
  3. How Your Business Provides Value
  4. What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?
  5. Keys to the Success of Your Business
  6. Your Mission Statement
  7. Your Organization and Management Team
  8. Backgrounds and Industry Experience of Your Team
  9. Company History
  10. Operational Timeline (for new companies)
  11. Business Registration Licenses and Permits
  12. Capital Structure
  13. Company Assets and Liabilities
  14. Your Products and/or Services
  15. Intellectual Property Held or Pending
  16. Overview of Your Industry
  17. Competitor Overview across Eight Key Criteria
  18. SWOT Analysis, Including a 40-Question Assessment
  19. Target Market, Including Demographic and Geographic 
  20. Strategy & Implementation
  21. Marketing Plan
  22. Customer Acquisition Model
  23. Pricing Strategy and Revenue Model
  24. Startup Expenses and Cash Flow Analysis
  25. Daily Operations (for existing companies)
  26. Staffing Model (Employees, Independent Contractors, Commission-Based Sales)
  27. Key Suppliers and Manufacturing Locations (if applicable)
  28. Expense Analyzer, covering 35 expenses (including credit card processing fees), MOST of any business plan package
  29. Three-Year Sales Forecast
  30. Labor Cost Analysis – Based on actual weekly forecast hours and labor rates plus payroll taxes and any planned benefits for your staff
  31. Product/Service Cost Analysis
  32. Resource Analysis – Do You Have Enough Resources Planned to Offer Your Product or Service?
  33. Capacity Planner – Determine the workload you need to staff your business each day
  34. Review of 18 Different Advertising Channels
  35. Margin Analysis
  36. Break Even Analysis – How long until you are making money?
  37. Funding Analysis – How much money do you need to borrow?
  38. Profit and Loss Projection – 3 Years
  39. Balance Sheet Review
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