Understand Your Business Finances

How well do you understand your business finances, in terms of profitability, cash flow, product margin, labor costs, cost of goods sold, breakeven analysis, short and long term liabilities, cost to deliver your services, and other financial aspects of your business? If you have a start-up business, do you fully understand how much money you will need to cover your negative cash flow? We can help you answer all of these questions and many more with our powerful Business Finance Analyzer tool that you can get from your Associate absolutely FREE. Keep reading to learn more about how our Analyzer will help you better understand your business finances.

Set Up Products, Services & Resources

Set up your business by listing up to 10 main products, 10 main services/packages, and up to 10 employees. You can also set up additional business information such as number of work-weeks per month, credit card discount rate, business start date and additional information.

Accurately Predict Income

You can use the products and services info to predict income based on unit sales for each month and the revenue per product or service. You can also factor in sales commissions, and COGS. Or, you manually enter existing income for each month over 36 months.

Break Down Detailed Expenses​

You can include expenses for 35 categories, including automatic roll-ups for labor & advertising costs, credit card fees, interest and lease payments, and sales commissions. We provide you with more expense categories than any other business financial planning tool. Allows for monthly analysis over three years.

Analyze Your Cost to Produce & Deliver

For each of your 10 products and 10 services, you can input how much time is required for up to 5 employees or team members. Based on their hourly rate & benefits, you will know exactly how much money it costs you to either produce your products or deliver your services. This will keep you from pricing your products too low.

Predict Your Staffing Needs

Using the same analysis to determine the time and effort required to produce and deliver your products and services, you can also predict how many hours you need from each key resource for each month, based on your forecast of units sold for each product or service. This way, you will be alerted if you are not factoring in all your required labor costs.

Calculate Your Full Labor Costs

Our labor cost analyzer will let you factor in the hourly rate you want to pay your team, plus FICA taxes and any benefits. You will also be alerted if you did not factor in enough hours for each resource based on our capacity planner which lets you determine your staffing needs based on hours per day you need each person to be working. Covers 36 months.

Plan Out Your Advertising Costs

We have identified the top 18 methods of advertising, including digital media, social media, webinars, printed mailers, display advertising, radio, TV, coupons, trade shows, billboards, email marketing, and additional methods. You can plan your media spend on a monthly basis for 3 years across all of these channels.

Automatically Know Your Gross Margin

Based on your cost data and selling price, you will see a visual of your gross margin for all of your products and/or services. Many lenders like to see your margin to compare it with industry standards. If your margins are too low (or negative), you can go back to determine how to reduce your costs.

Analyze Cash Flow Over 36 Months

Our cashflow analyzer will calculate your monthly profit or loss, along with your cash flow. You will see your cumulative negative cash balance, helping you determine how much money you need either from your “day job”,  investors or lenders. If you plan to borrow money, you will see the impact of your monthly payments.

Investigate Various Funding Options

We have the only tool that lets you plan out funding using a merchant cash advance, business line of credit, conventional term loan, hard money, or equipment leases.  You will see  the increase to your cash balance, plus your monthly payments, along with  repaying principal. For a line of credit, you can factor in different interest rates, and minimum monthly payments.

Create a Three-Year Balance Sheet

You get an accounting-style balance sheet already filled out with short and long term cash assets and liabilities, based on your planned sales and expense forecast and any planned borrowing plus capital and operating leases. This makes your loan approval process much easier.

Customize 14 Graphs & Charts

If you are going to create a professional business plan, you can edit any of the 14 key financial charts and graphs that every business plan needs. You can change colors, titles, sizes, chart types and much more. Simply copy and paste into your business plan and you are on your way to a successful funding process.

Totally Free. No Premium Add-Ons.

Our goal is for you to get the business funding you need at the best terms available. To help you get to this goal, we are giving you our Business Finance Analyzer at no cost. You will find this tool to have more features and capabilities than any other business planning tool (Microsoft Excel required). To get your free copy, simply contact your Affiliate (see bottom of the page).

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