Business Entity Registration

The Benefits of This Service

One of the key reasons why businesses get declined for credit is that they don’t appear to be legitimate. What? Lenders are looking for congruence of how your business is registered with a variety of sources, including the IRS, your state’s department of business registrations, business checking account, website, business licenses, etc.. Automated fraud screening tools can either cause your loan application to be declined, or sent to manual underwriting which can take a long time and still lead to a decline. Lenders are afraid of lending to a fake business or one that does not appear to be legitimate.

Another reason why your business may get declined for funding is that is is not registered with the sources that lenders check, including 411 directory assistance, Google Business Profile, Bing Places for Business, Manta, Yellow Pages and Yelp. Lenders also look to make sure you have a business phone number that is separate from your mobile number (it can be forwarded to it), that your phone number is registered with the 411 directory service, and that your business address is not your home address or a “mailbox” type of address. You can learn more about how to comply on your own by reading this Business Registration article.

What We Will Do for You

Under the Business Entity Registration service, we will do the following:

  • Review all of the places where your business name and address is registered to determine if all address information is exactly the same for each registration.
  • Set you up with a FREE separate phone number, if needed.
  • Register your phone number with the 411 directory service
  • Register your business with Google Business Profile, Bing Places for Business, Manta, Yellow Pages and Yelp, providing all needed business and contact information
  • Recommend business address options if you are using a non-acceptable type of business address
  • Create a business email address with your domain provider, and set up email forwarding to your personal email address.
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