Business Credit Consulting

The Benefits of This Service

While there are companies that will provide you with free initial consulting services around business credit, their real goal is to sell you a business credit suite, where you pay upwards of $4,000 or more for pretty much all of the services that we offer based on what you and your business actually need. Commissions on these credit suites are about 50%, meaning once you sign up, you just gave the “advisor” $2,000. 

With our service, we are not going to try to sell you a business credit suite. You may have questions about why your business was declined for a loan or other form of funding, or you may have questions about how to implement any of the tools in our free Business Credit Toolkit or understand your business financial planning with our free Business Finance Analyzer.

Our business consulting service pricing is based on the rate shown above, charged in 15 minute increments. The minimum charge is one hour. If we provide an hour and a half of consulting services, then the total rate would be 1.5 times the listed rate. Every 15 minutes is charged at one-quarter of the listed rate. Note the terms as well, as we do not charge the full price up front. You pay a small portion down, then the rest in 30 days. In the event that any backend service will take more than an hour to perform, we will provide you a not-to-exceed quote ahead of time.

What We Will Do for You

TOBS will provide business credit consulting services to include any of the following:

  • Review anything in the Business Credit Toolkit book about which you may have a question
  • Review how to use our Business Finance Analyzer for your business planning.
  • Assist you with getting any starter vendor accounts established
  • Obtain your business credit reports and business credit scores (additional third-party fees may apply, payable up front)
  • Assist you with getting your EIN, DUNS, BIN, or NAICS numbers
  • Review your business credit reports, showing how you to boost your scores
  • Show you how to use business credit boosting services.
  • Walk you through what personal credit repair services can and cannot do for you.
  • Help those with mediocre credit and no business account activity get loans to get their business running
  • Review reasons why you may have been declined for a business loan and outline an approach on how to get approved.
  • Point you to free peer-based resources where you can get your ongoing questions answered.
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