Business Compliance Check

The Benefits of This Service

One of the key requirements for your business to get funding is to have its “house” in order. This means having any and all needed licenses and permits at the federal, state, county and city/township level. If your business or occupation needs any state-issued licenses or permits, then you need to obtain them. This can include a general business license, state sales tax permit, occupation license, health department permit, food preparation permit, alcoholic beverage license, city-issued local business/retail sales permit, direct sales, municipal zoning permits, professional and occupational licenses, special event permit, and even a federal business license (only for specific industries). You can be sure that lenders will know what it is you need to legally operate your business, so you better know this yourself.

The reason that being in full compliance is important to getting funding is that the lender needs to know that there is no risk that the business could be shut down by the state, feds, city or county for failing to be operating in legal standing. If the business did not have a required license or permit, there is a risk that the lender would not get their money back if the business had to shut down and there was no personal guarantee. You will benefit from this service be being able to show lenders that your business  is in good standing. 

What We Will Do for You

Our Business Compliance Check service will do the following for your business:

  • Conduct a search for all required licenses, permits and registrations that your business needs in order to operate legally.
  • Provide a list of all such required items, along with links or contact information for each item. This can include online  links to registration and application sources for you to complete and submit.
  • Review any existing registrations your business has (based on copies of documents or registration numbers that you provide) to check for congruence of your business name, address, phone number and email address.
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